Great Random Facts about Belgium

Peter Pan is buried in Belgium

Peter Pan

In the surroundings of Ieper (Ypres), the First World War soldier who was the direct source of inspiration for the character and story, was killed by a German sniper.

The cartoon made popular by Walt Disney was based on the play ‘Peter Pan or The Boy Who Wouldn’t Grow Up‘ from 1904, written by the Scottish author James Barrie.

He got the inspiration for this story with his adopted son George Llewelyn Davies, who grew up in a loving family with lots of kids, but lost his parents at early age.
Because Barry and the kids of the family were so tight, he decided to adopt them.

Daily, they played role playing games about faeries, heroes, pirates and Indians, and Barrie decided to write a book about this. Peter Pan was born.

Ten years later, George Davies was summoned to fight alongside the British army in the first world war. During a briefing for an attack, Davies was hit by a sniper bullet.
He’s still buried at the military burial site Enclosure no. 3 in Voormezele.


The Belgian Adolphe Sax invented the Saxophone

Adolphe Sax

The saxophone (also referred to informally as the sax, or the saxomaphone by Homer) is a conical-bore woodwind musical instrument, invented by the Belgian instrument maker Adolphe Sax in 1846.

Tintin was conceived by Belgian artist Hergé


Georges Prosper Remi, known by the pen name Hergé, was a Belgian comic book writer and artist, best known for his The Adventures of Tintin series, which he wrote and illustrated from 1929 until his death in 1983.

Gotye was born in Bruges, Belgium


Gotye, a pseudonym for Wouter De Backer, was born in Bruges, Belgium and immigrated to Australia when he was two years old.